Edify comes alongside entrepreneurs who offer quality Christ-centered education to children in their underserved communities. We provide three key resources to help them improve and expand their schools.

Hundreds of thousands of low-fee, independent schools have been started by local entrepreneurs. We come alongside these entrepreneurs to help improve and expand their schools and impact.


Our partnerships leverage your donation to make a greater impact.

Training Partnerships

Edify places a strong focus on training school leaders and teachers to provide a biblically-based, high-quality education and develop Christ-like character in students. We also come alongside school leaders and teach necessary skills that will help them manage efficient and sustainable schools.

Lending Partnerships

Edify offers school owners access to lending capital so they can improve and expand their facilities. These improvements allow schools to influence a greater number of students with quality education and create safer and healthier learning environments, which contribute to better learning outcomes.

Technology Partnerships

Edify provides schools with access to education technology for the classroom, specifically focusing on tools for literacy and critical thinking skills. With access to education technology, students are higher performing and graduate with marketable skills that increase their likelihood of employment.

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The work that Edify does is scalable and sustainable. If you want to make a lasting impact on underserved communities, please donate, or contact us if you have questions.

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