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Edify helps to integrate education technology for partner schools by providing installation and set-up of computer labs and software, continuous training, and guidance on effective implementation in the classroom for schools who have used loans to purchase equipment. By providing this resource and supporting the school in its use, students have additional tools to support them in their growth. Students with access to technology are higher performing academically, and gives them marketable skills that increases the likelihood of securing employment following graduation.

Technology Solutions:

       CLASS Project (Computer Lab Access for Sustainable Schools) are computer labs with traditional desktops, or mCLASS labs, which use mobile Chromebooks. This allows students to begin learning basic computer skills such as typing and word processing.

       SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry based Learning Environment) is an innovative solution that supports an inquiry-based pedagogy. The “SMILEplug” acts as a portable “micro-cloud”, similar to a flash drive, allowing students to connect to offline web apps. This is especially important in areas where electricity, let alone Wi-Fi access, is unreliable. SMILE is also a software that is designed to create a highly interactive learning environment that promotes inquiry based learning. Students are able to create questions for and answer questions of their peers based on current subject material.

       Worldreader is a program that utilizes Amazon Kindle e-reader devices as textbooks and literature. These tablets are especially essential in areas of poverty, where textbooks are literature are extremely rare and expensive. Each tablet is equipped with approximately 100 culturally relevant e-books as well as international authors.   


Special Program: Crane’s Typing Project

The Crane’s Typing Project was piloted this year by Edify’s Ghana team to encourage students’ interest in learning to type and improving their skills. Edify schools with computer labs hosted regional competitions earlier this year for students to test their typing skills. The students with the top words-per-minute (WPM) speeds and greatest accuracy won their regional competitions and will move on to the national competition. Since launching the project, Edify has seen significant increase in interest and improvement in typing skills.


       CLASS: students are able to develop computer-related skills that will increase practical and theoretical skills, which will improve employability beyond the classroom.

       SMILE: This software develops critical thinking skills through making judgements, synthesizing essential concepts and formulating text that triggers critical thinking in others. As students develop more complex questions, it provides evidence that their critical thinking skills are improving.

       WorldReader: Along with providing more books for the students, students can practice their reading, improve their speed and comprehension, allowing them to become fully literate students.

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