Millions of children around the world aren’t in school,
or they’re in school but not learning well.
For us, that’s a problem.



We call this the global education crisis.

What’s the problem?

Education needs to be accessible, affordable, and high-quality so students, families, and nations can flourish.
Far too often, students aren’t learning enough to meet even the lowest requirements. Meanwhile, there’s still millions of children who are out of school altogether. Sometimes it’s because there’s no school nearby. Other times, it’s because the public school has 100 students for a single teacher and resources are stretched thin.


Edify is solving the education crisis by providing training, loan capital, and education technology to independent schools. By having the things they need, school owners and teachers are able to improve the level of education they can give while fostering the best possible learning environment.


We believe long-lasting change comes from an education rooted in the values of Jesus. By integrating a biblical worldview into school curriculum, it can transform the minds and spirits of children who grow up to be the world’s next thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

Edify helps schools deliver high-quality education with a Biblical worldview in developing countries around the world.

Because with an education, a child can:

earn in their lifetime, on average,



decrease their risk of sickness by


expect their future children to live



Education is powerful, so let’s get learning.

statistics courtesy of Global Partnership for Education