Limited or No Access to a Quality Education

Millions of children in developing nations will never even have the opportunity to step into a classroom. There are currently an additional 250 million students that are unable to read, write, or do basic math despite having spent several years in school. Edify offers a solution by helping to improve and expand existing, national-led schools that are making an impact.

Lack of Employable Skills

In order for children to escape the destructive cycle and effects of poverty, they must develop skills that will make them employable so that they can compete for the limited amount of opportunity.  Edify provides schools with access to important resources that they otherwise would not have had, like technology, to help students gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Lack of Biblical Worldview in Education

Corruption undermines the healthy development of any country.  Edify believes long-lasting transformation can occur as a result of access to a quality education that fosters the development of a biblical worldview and imparts Jesus’ values of loving your neighbor, honesty, and service. Edify partner schools teach the Bible and about Jesus but welcome children of any or no faith.

Edify is working in some of the most underserved countries in the world.


Edify relies on the financial generosity of individual donors and private foundations to finance its operations.
Please consider giving so that we can improve and expand Christ-centered education together.

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