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and take intentional steps to make sure that our programs are effective.

Students Impacted by Country

Overall impact as of Fiscal year 2022

Uganda: 2,969,663

Peru: 2,881,310

Ghana: 1,817,356

Dominican Republic: 1,184,067

Rwanda: 990,464

Liberia: 790,034

Ethiopia: 498,383

Guatemala: 397,551

Burkina Faso: 385,134

Sierra Leone: 244,610

El Salvador: 206,024

Panama: 190,948

In 2014, the cost to impact one child was $20.17.
It is now $2.37!

“We are so encouraged by this vision that Edify brought to our country. It has taken us to a higher level . . . really, we know we are not alone. They support us and give us a lot of new ideas. It is just amazing . . .”

– Crosspoint School Proprietor, Tsedale


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