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Written by Edify Co-founder, Chris Crane, A Dream and a Coconut Tree tells the story of how communities trapped in poverty have provided education to their children with resiliency and creativity. It introduces Edify’s inception as an international development nonprofit built to see schools improve education, flourish where they’re planted, and bring transformation to their countries. A Dream and a Coconut Tree shines light on the true heroes of education, everyday men and women who dream of seeing their children have brighter futures through education centered on Christ.


The Why Behind Our Work

We’re Different Than The Rest

Our Unique Selling Point

Hear from Edify staff and financial partners about why we are unique when it comes to solving the global education crisis.

How Edify Works

Our Theory of Change

Learn more about Edify’s model and how we partner with independent schools to improve Christ-centered education.

Peace Innovators

Dr. Paula Cordeiro, edify’s Former VP of Education

Paula Cordeiro, University of San Diego’s Dammeyer Distinguished Professor of Global Leadership and Education, speaks at Peace Innovators with her talk, A Passport Out of Poverty.