Uganda is a country where a child’s unlimited, God-given potential often goes untapped in the never-ending wake of poverty cycles. For many families, there is continuous tension between choosing to send children to school or have them work to help meet basic family needs.


This reality is quite complicated; however, such circumstances seem to be God’s favorite place to plant seeds of hope. These seeds of hope are all over the world, but there is a particularly special case in which Edify had the privilege of bringing the needed water and sunlight for its growth.


This leads to the story of Teddy Mbiire. Growing up attending a school in Uganda where her teacher would show up less than half of the time, Teddy dreamt of becoming a true educator with the sole aim of giving those following her a new narrative. After completing her education, something only about 50 percent of her peers would achieve, the world was finally opening for her, and the seeds that were once planted in her heart had grown. 


With this came the chance to give back what she had received from God, so that it may be multiplied for the next generation. After all, He is the God of multiplication.


This opportunity came through Crested Crane Primary School, which Teddy founded. It flourished into a Christ-centered establishment and, throughout the years, the grace she had received was spread far and wide as thousands of seeds of hope were planted.


Before long, the school was filled with more children than it could hold. This is where Edify had the great privilege of watering the seeds that had already been planted.


Edify brought Crested Crane opportunities for technology expansion, teacher training, and loan capital to expand the school and create self-sustainable operations. Because of these, Crested Crane was able to bring more children into an environment where they could learn, create, and dream with teachers who cared about them. These teachers reflect their Father’s heart for the children and are dedicated to cultivating what God has placed in their hearts.


Can you imagine living your entire life with closed doors all around you, and suddenly they all open and you are free to go through them? For a child receiving a quality education for the first time, this is only a snapshot of what they may feel.


Teddy has shown her community the Father’s heart. Thanks to her God-given skills, incessant efforts, and valuable help from Edify, she has changed the narrative for hundreds of children in Kampala.


For each child that attends Crested Crane Primary School, a willingness to learn is paired with a willing teacher. A mind that desires to create is satisfied with the resources to do so. A hard-working attitude is challenged with new problem-solving opportunities, and every child is given the space to flourish.


These future world changers now enjoy an outpouring of people who genuinely believe in and want the best for them, who will cultivate what God has placed in them, bringing it to fruition.


“With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith.” 2 Thessalonians 1:11 (NIV).


Hope-carriers like Teddy have eyes to see far past their lifetime, into generations ahead of them. They not only plant seeds of hope, but bring in necessary resources to cultivate growth through partners like Edify, making everything bloom in its time. Thanks to them, children that never would have made it past secondary school can bring a part of God’s heart to the world that only they were designed to. 


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