We work with low-fee independent schools around the world.


In places where poverty persists, low-fee independent schools are a holistic, transformative agent of community development.

So why these schools?

Low-fee independent schools have become a global phenomenon. The everyday entrepreneurs who start these schools are passionate about education and their community. For many of us, we hear private school and think high tuition fees. But that’s not the case in the areas where we work. Our partner schools charge, on average, less than $1 day.
In the developing world, most government-run or public schools have hidden costs. There are fees for test booklets, uniforms, building materials, and more. Many government education sectors are overloaded. High rates of teacher absenteeism, overcrowded classrooms, and lack of needed resources affect the quality of education children receive. So millions of students are in school but not learning, or they’re missing from school altogether. Learn more about what we call the Global Education Crisis here.
Families choose to send their children to low-fee independent schools because they offer quality classes taught by quality teachers. In turn, these schools become sustainable businesses for the owner and generate jobs for their community. We work with these schools because we believe they’re providing the quality education that every child deserves. They empower entrepreneurs, which positively impacts their local economy. Together, these are powerful tools to help individuals and communities break through poverty barriers and envision a brighter future.

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