José Ochoa has dedicated his career to serving leaders who fight for transcendental causes. He has studied at UNALM in Peru, at MIT, GWU, and Eastern University in the US, and at Salamanca University in Spain. His degrees include Engineering, MBA, and master’s degrees in Consulting and Coaching. As a former Country Director of World Vision in Ecuador and a board member of various Christian organizations, he has played a role in child development, financial inclusion, and the social commitment of the Church.

Currently, as CEO of Australis, José is honoring the impact of the Church in the Southern Hemisphere and demonstrating its contribution to the rest of the world. He is also the Vice President of Corporación Cristiana Semillas, which has helped establish over 30,000 churches in Latin America. He resides in Quito, Ecuador, and has two daughters who live in Germany. José is also the author of two books and an active member of the Ecuador Mosaic Church.