Every year Edify hosts couples, families, and individuals to see our work around the world. These trips give an opportunity to experience first-hand the culture of the countries we operate in. They also allow an in-depth look at our work. The trips also provide an opportunity to meet our international staff and partners, interact with students, and hear the inspiring stories of many school owners we serve. It is an opportunity to learn how to give God more miracle working space.


This year, we held the first all-women’s vision trip to the Dominican Republic. Seven women and two Edify U.S. staff members traveled from North Carolina to the Dominican Republic. What they would experience was a week of learning, fun, and opportunity to grow in their faith. 


Most all of the in-person learning in the Dominican Republic had been shut down for the past year due to COVID-19. Because of this, it was especially significant for the women to visit four of Edify’s partner schools, meet school proprietors, and interact with the students during their trip. Many of the schools we partner with have had to navigate numerous challenges over the past two years. Nevertheless, it is incredible to hear their stories of perseverance and faith.


Participants on these trips often talk about the opportunity to get to know and spend time with our incredible field staff. One participant, Lynn, shares her experience. “I have a much stronger and better understanding of Edify’s purpose, mission, vision and heartbeat! The Edify staff of Latin America are some of the most gracious, humble, and God-fearing men and women I have met. The testimonies shared, and the servants’ hearts for their country and communities have left a tremendous impact on me. It has have given me lots to pray about, process, and discern in the weeks ahead. Thank you for sharing your lives with us the past 5 days!”


“Edify staff were my favorite part,” expressed Mimi, who also participated in this trip. “Leandro said when we arrived, ‘It’s my joy to serve you,’ and he did. They did. You did. I have so much faith and confidence in their relationship with God and thus how they are growing His kingdom.”


Along with school and partner visits, the women were a part of daily devotional time and group discussions. During these times, they had the chance to share about what they were learning, and what God was doing in their lives. We hope that each trip is not only a chance to learn about other cultures and Edify’s work. We hope it is a time to dive deeper into their own faith journeys, and see where the Lord is leading them.


Laura spoke about the trip being beneficial in her own journey with Christ. “I have a desire to ensure my own teaching and leading in the home is always from a biblical perspective…Christ has shown me a greater need and desire for discipleship. He has also shown me the possibility of what that could look like for my kids, friends, and church community.” 


Mimi also shared the impact this trip had on her faith. “I feel called to give God more miracle-working space. To live more surrendered, seeking Him first, and be present with Him first and others.” 


This the trip served as a rich growing experience for the women and our Dominican Republic staff alike. Every year we host family experiences, couples trips, and vision trips. These trips offer the change for others to see first-hand the work that the Lord is doing through Edify all over the world.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our trips, email us at [email protected]