When walking into an elementary school, it’s easy to guess what you’ll find. Crayons scattered on desks, bright outbursts of laughter and squeals erupting from behind colorfully decorated classroom doors. It takes a special person with a specific calling to lead a room full of children with seemingly endless energy. That’s why, for a school owner, it is essential to hire the right teachers: those who can teach, correct, and love each child. So when Juana Torrez, principal of Las Maravillosas Gotitas del Saber in Huaycán, Peru, hired Alejandra in 2019, they knew it was the perfect match. 


Alejandra’s Story

Alejandra grew up greatly influenced by the teachers she had since she was a child. She knew how important it was to have loving, trusted adults from a young age. So when the time came for her to give back what she had received through teaching, she felt a strong calling, beginning her career as a teacher in 2014 and transitioning to Gotitas del Saber in 2019.


Since her school began partnering with Edify, she has gleaned wisdom from trainings, received new insight into teaching with excellence, and learned about socio-emotional management, which significantly helped her to care for her students as they transitioned back from virtual learning in 2022. 


Alejandra shares, “It helped us to trust in God in the middle of the transition and reflected the importance of knowing how to take care of ourselves so that we can be our best for the children. We have to be well-trained to be able to give to them. What can we offer if we are not well?”


The Transformation to Follow

She immediately noticed many of her students returned to the classroom differently than when they left. Alejandra shares, “On the first day of class in 2022, one of my 2nd-grade students was upset, had trouble socializing with classmates, and didn’t know how to read. I knew what I learned in the training would prepare me to help him best, and instead of backing away in fear, I implemented methods of all kinds.” 


Before long, Alejandra had gained his trust. Not long after she intentionally began working with him, he began participating in class discussions, socializing with his classmates, and even contributing his ideas. “The evolution of this particular child has amazed me, and it touches my heart to know all the transformation that is possible in the lives of these students.”


 Looking to the Future

As the teachers of Gotitas del Saber continue to expand their teaching abilities through Edify trainings and learn how to care for the needs of each child, we know that many more students will be transformed. Alejandra shares her heart for teachers across Peru, “Teaching is not only a paid job but a vocation that goes much further. I pray that teachers just like me have the chance to develop it.”