Chris Fenton joined Edify in September of 2011 as Senior VP of Operations and CFO.  Prior to joining Edify, Chris served for 6 years as COO of Compendia, Inc., an information company providing homeowner maintenance and manufactured product warranty documentation to buyers of new homes on behalf of production home builders.

From 2000 to 2005, Chris worked with AdDynamix Pennyweb Network as COO/CFO.  AdDynamix was an early innovator in developing an online advertising reach network by aggregating small to medium size websites and sharing revenue on a CPC basis (cost per click).

Chris served with COMPS Infosystems, Inc. from 1984-2000 as VP of Operations, VP of Corporate Development, and finished up as Sr. VP & COO. During his time with COMPS, it grew from a provider of commercial real estate sales comparable information in Southern California to the leading nationwide provider in more than 50 markets.

Chris graduated magna cum laude from San Diego State with Bachelor’s in Finance and served six years in the Navy as a gunfire control technician.