SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment) introduces a digital learning environment which engages learners in critical reasoning and problem-solving activities and enables students to generate, share, and evaluate multimedia-rich inquiries.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Question generation, a leading indicator of critical thinking, involves making judgments, creatively synthesizing essential concepts, and clearly formulating a text that triggers critical thinking. Through regular SMILE sessions, students learn to generate high-quality questions that provide evidence of improvements in their critical thinking skills.

TECHNOLOGY USED: SMILEpi WiFi Router, SMILE Software accessed from SMILE pi, Tablets, Chromebooks

HOW TECH SUPPORTS LEARNING: The SMILE server software is designed to create a highly interactive learning environment that promotes higher order learning opportunities (e.g., creation of inquiries, presentation of questions, analysis of peer-generated questions, evaluation of individual students and overall class performance, etc.); engage students in inquiry-based learning sessions at a global scale; generates transparent real-time learning analytics.

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