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Edify is an education nonprofit that works to ensure children across the globe receive a quality education.

Today, there are millions of children globally who aren’t receiving a quality education. For us, this is an injustice. Many students who don’t have access to high-quality education are denied it because of factors out of their control: their family is being affected by poverty, they do not live in proximity to a good school, or their country is experiencing political instability. Children that might be most benefited by a good education are often the children who can’t get one.


Education can become a tool for justice. It can ensure all students have the same opportunity to flourish and positively contribute to their communities and their world. Education as justice means all students have access. Education can rewrite the effects of poverty that impact children’s ability to flourish as it expands and improves in low-income nations. Because we care deeply about flourishing for students around the world, we partner with low-fee independent schools in 11 countries across Africa, Latin America, and in Northeast India to help create opportunities, educational and beyond, for underserved children. Through these partnerships, in the past year alone, Edify has partnered with over 3,000 schools.

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