CLASS (Computer Lab Access for Sustainable Schools)


(Computer Lab Access for Sustainable Schools) offers a turn-key solution for proprietors to equip their schools with computer labs to support STEM/ICT education in their school, as well as provide additional digital educational resources for classes beyond just ICT-related education.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The Edify CLASS Project at its core provides access for students to start on their path towards STEM learning and digital citizenship. Students are able to move from mere theoretical knowledge to practically engaging with the state ICT curriculum. Students are also able to develop their keyboarding skills, learn word processing and computer-based research skills along with using the digital resources provided, such as math skill development, engineering training, etc.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Thin client-based computer labs. CLASS offers traditional monitors/keyboard-based workstations. mCLASS (or mobileCLASS) uses wireless Chromebooks as thin clients.

HOW TECH SUPPORTS LEARNING: Students interact with the technology they are learning about. CLASS Server provides access to new educational resources for students.

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